Sealant Day Offers Dental Students Opportunity to Care for Children

Sealant Day

Third-year dental student Megan Willis was delighted to learn that her free morning coincided with Sealant Day in the Dr. and Mrs. Carl Rietman Pediatric Dental Clinic.

“Working with children is one of my favorite parts of dentistry,” said the Yreka, Calif., native, who plans to follow in her dad’s footsteps to become a general dentist. “They’re fun and creative.  Sealant Day is a really good preventive measure for kids, especially if they don’t make it to the dentist.”

Megan was one of a dozen dental students and residents who took the opportunity to practice their oral care for children at the OHSU School of Dentistry’s 15th annual Sealant Day for Buckman Arts Elementary second-graders.

“When I first came to Buckman, we did a community assessment and found that many of the families are low-income who have access to health care, but no dental care,” said Diane Meisenhelter, SUN Community School Manager. “Sealant Day has been an amazing gift to our community. I just had a parent come up to me who said she couldn’t say thank you enough because her child’s teeth needed more care than she realized and she was going to get the help she needed. It has been an amazing partnership with OHSU.”

Megan’s first patient is a young boy who whimpers as she begins inserting cotton inside his mouth to prepare for a procedure. “Hey, we’re buddies, right?” she said. “It’s okay. You’re doing great.”

Outreach Coordinator Mary Ann Haisch, R.D.H., said about 30 Buckman children received free oral care on Sealant Day.