Endodontic Microscopes Set OHSU Apart

Endo Scopes

OHSU School of Dentistry is believed to be the first dental school in the nation to have dedicated, state-of-the-art microscopes in its pre-doctoral endodontology clinic.

“With the move to Skourtes Tower in July, we purchased six new Global six-step, ceiling-mounted surgical microscopes with LED light sources, one for each operatory,” said Brian Whitten, D.D.S., assistant professor and director of OHSU’s pre-doctoral endodontology program. “Having dedicated scopes chairside enables us to do the impossible, like finding small canals and other anatomy, and patients can stay right in their chairs for radiographs.”

With the majority of endodontology offices having dedicated scopes, student education also has improved.

“We can now provide a state-of-the-art experience for students with the equipment we have in our own offices,” said Paul Brent, D.D.S., Endodontology `98, assistant professor of endodontology, who practices in Aloha, Ore. “The light source in particular is incredible.”