Payment Options & Federal Assistance Programs

Payments Options at the Market

It is possible to use many forms of payment at the OHSU Farmers Market. Each vendor accepts cash, checks, tokens and produce vendors accept WIC/Senior Vouchers. Tokens can be purchased at the Info Booth of the market with either a debit or credit card, a badge or an Oregon Trail card (SNAP).

Learn more about our Token Program

Free Money for SNAP/WIC/FDNP

This year, we will be matching up to $5 per SNAP card or Farm Direct Nutrition Program WIC (Women, Infants and Children) & Senior vouchers. It's a very exciting way to help support low income families who want to get fresh, local produce.

Eligibility requires that you are the holder of:

  • An Oregon Trail card (ie: SNAP or other state's Food Stamps program card)
  • WIC Farm Direct Nutrition vouchers
  • Senior Farm Direct Nutrition vouchers.
Visit the market's Info Booth to get your tokens and matching dollars! If you are part of a clinic that serves low-income clients, please feel free to email the market manager to request a SNAP Match poster to let your clients know to ask about these special benefits.

Learn more about our Matching Program for SNAP/WIC/FDNP users

Federal Assistance at the OHSU Farmers Market

All vendors who sell eligible products for Women Infants and Children (WIC) Fruit and Veggie Program or the WIC & Senior Farm Direct Nutrition Program are mandated to participate in the program. All of these vouchers can be redeemed at the OHSU Farmers Market.

Learn more about the Federal Assistance Programs at our market