Greenville farms produce, orange squash and tomatoes featured here
Greenville Farms
sunflowers and bouquets of flowers
May's Flowers
boxes of blueberries and cherries
Fruit from Greenville Farms
Baird Family Orchards- Grapes in a barrel
Baird Family Orchards
brown, green and pink eggs in a carton
Eggs from Greenville Farms
fresh squeezed juices in small containers by Portland Juice Company in a metal barrel
Fresh squeezed organic Juices from Portland Juice Company
beautiful golden honey jars
Raw Oregon Honey
Cupcake with vanilla frosting, a slice of strawberry and a basil leaf on top
Sarah Bellum's cupcakes
Fresh Salads with nuts and seeds in bowls surrounded by veggies laying on a table
Fresh Salads from Garden Bar