SNAP, WIC, Farm Direct and Matching Programs

Happy Matching Token $1

The OHSU Farmers Market supports low-income families by making sure we allow as many different types of payments as possible. Matching funds ($2 Double Up Food Bucks cards)  are given for free when accompanied by SNAP or WIC & Senior Vouchers.*

SNAP: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

  • Formerly known as Food Stamps.
  • Use Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card/Oregon Trail card to purchase $1 (RED) tokens at the info booth at the Farmers Market.
  • Matching up to $10-$20 when EBT cards used.*
  • Eligible Purchases: Food intended to be eaten at home or seeds & plants intended to grow food. "Ready to Eat" Foods not eligible.
  • To sign up for SNAP, call 1 800 SAFE-NET or visit their website.

Visit the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) website

Women-Infants-Children and Senior Farm Direct Nutrition Program

  • Use WIC or Senior FDNP vouchers to purchase produce.
  • Any farmer selling produce at the OHSU Farmers Market is signed up to accept these vouchers.
  • Dollar for dollar matching up to $8 per benefit per person (2 x $4 vouchers matched, max) when vouchers are to be used at the market. Info booth will administer stamp to any matched voucher so each voucher is only matched once.*

Find our more about how to become a WIC participant 

Find our more about the Senior FDNP program and eligibility

Matching Programs

  1. Matching tokens are available at the Info booth at the farmers market. They are free when you use your SNAP card or show us your WIC/Senior Vouchers. 
  2. Eligible items for purchase with $1 token include food intended to be eaten at home or seeds & plants intended to grow food. "Ready to eat" foods and non-food items are not eligible. 
  3. Each matching Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) card is worth $2.  These cards can be used to purchase any fresh, frozen, or dry fruit, veggie, or beans without added sugar, salt and fat. 
  4. No change will be given when you purchase items with either a $1 token or $2 matching card.

This type of program is available at several farmers markets around Portland. When you visit a market, ask the info booth when you arrive if they have a Double Up Food Bucks program! For more information on the DUFB program, visit their website!