SNAP, WIC, Farm Direct and Matching Programs

Happy Matching Token $1

The OHSU Farmers Market supports low-income families by making sure we allow as many different types of payments as possible. Matching funds ($2 Double Up Food Bucks cards)  are given for free when accompanied by SNAP or WIC & Senior Vouchers.*

*Notes about free matching tokens: 

  1. Matching tokens are available at the Info booth at the farmers market. They are free when you use your SNAP card or show us your WIC/Senior Vouchers. 
  2. Each matching card is worth $2
  3. No change will be given when you purchase items with either a $1 token or $2 matching card.
  4. Eligible items include: Food intended to be eaten at home or seeds & plants intended to grow food. "Ready to eat" foods are not eligible. 

This type of program is available at several farmers markets around Portland. When you visit a market, ask the info booth when you arrive if they have a Nutrition Incentive program!

SNAP: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

  • Formerly known as Food Stamps.
  • Use Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card/Oregon Trail card to purchase $1 (RED) tokens at the info booth at the Farmers Market.
  • Matching up to $10 when EBT cards used.*
  • Eligible Purchases: Food intended to be eaten at home or seeds & plants intended to grow food. "Ready to Eat" Foods not eligible.
  • To sign up for SNAP, call 1 800 SAFE-NET or visit their website.

Visit the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) website

Women-Infants-Children and Senior Farm Direct Nutrition Program

  • Use WIC or Senior FDNP vouchers to purchase produce.
  • Any farmer selling produce at the OHSU Farmers Market is signed up to accept these vouchers.
  • Dollar for dollar matching up to $8 per benefit per person (2 x $4 vouchers matched, max) when vouchers are to be used at the market. Info booth will administer stamp to any matched voucher so each voucher is only matched once.*

Find our more about how to become a WIC participant 

Find our more about the Senior FDNP program and eligibility