Payment Options

info booth is the place to use credit cards or badges to get tokens

The market accepts several forms of payment.

Each vendor accepts credit cards and cash.

Tokens will be sold to OHSU badge holders and EBT card holders only.

  • $1 tokens will be given to EBT card holders that use their SNAP card to purchase tokens. Eligible items for purchase with $1 tokens include all food products, seeds and plants intended to grow edible food. Does not include any "ready to eat" items. 
  • $2 matching cards will be given away for free to SNAP card holders who purchase $1 tokens. Dollar for dollar match with Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) up to $20 per card per day. Even increments suggested for SNAP purchases since DUFB cards are $2 and cannot be broken into $1 increments. Eligible items to be purchased with $2 DUFB include fresh, dry, frozen fruits, veggies and beans without any added sugar, salt or fat.
  • $3 tokens will be given for residents using their Gempay on their badges. No change is given for these tokens when purchasing goods.
  • $5 tokens will be given for payroll deduction. Change is given when purchasing items!

We will not sell tokens in exchange for credit cards. Each vendor will have their own credit card machine. 

We continue to accept all SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) cards for SNAP/EBT/TANF/Food Stamps Benefits and will be offering the Double Up Food Bucks matching program once again. We will also match WIC/Senior Vouchers and vendors will accept those at their booth for payment as well.

Thank you for your support!

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