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Want to buy something at the market this summer? Everything is online and must be pre-ordered through the WhatsGood app.

Want to find out where your favorite vendor will be set up or review the types of products being sold at the market each week? Our weekly vendor map shows you the set up of the market. Roll over each space to find out who will be in it. Click on the space and find out more about that vendor in the bottom left corner. Choose your date in the top left corner. Or our search tool to search for a particular vendor or type of product. You can also subscribe to our e-newsletter for weekly updates during the farmers market season.

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vendor booths around the market
A market day pre-Covid. Perhaps someday it will look like this again (not this year!) However, we will have 8-9 booths set up for you to pre-order goods and pick them up at the market each Tuesday! Subscribe to our newsletter for updates. Pre-order through WhatsGood app.

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