Getting Started with OHSU Fertility Services

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Preparing for your initial visit

Consulting with one of our doctors will help determine if you are a candidate for treatment. If you are, we will work with you to develop an appropriate treatment plan. If you have a partner, we encourage both of you to attend the first meeting. 

What to expect

Your doctor will review your history and your records of any previous infertility evaluation. We will ask you (and your partner) questions about your health, lifestyle and what you have tried thus far. This will help clarify or explain the reasons why you may have had trouble conceiving. You (and your partner) may be asked to have a physical exam following the initial review.

After consulting with your doctor, you will have an opportunity to talk with our financial counselor. You may do that in person or on the telephone. Depending on your treatment options, you may also meet with one of our nurse coordinators. They will help you navigate your fertility treatment.

IVF services at OHSU

OHSU Fertility and Spring Fertility are collaborating to bring you more treatment options and access to cutting-edge technology. This does not impact all OHSU Fertility services. If you receive or plan to receive IVF services, you may begin care at OHSU then transition to Spring Fertility, where your OHSU doctor will continue to see you.

Call 503-418-3700 for details about your care plan.

Make a fertility appointment

To get started, call 503-418-3700.