Comprehensive Fertility Resources

Couple sits on couch and listens to genetic counselor (seen from behind and below).

Fertility resources at OHSU

We provide innovative treatments for the full spectrum of fertility and reproductive endocrinology. Our experienced clinic, lab and research teams work together to bring you many options that you won’t find anywhere else. Our cost-saving pharmacy program is one of the benefits we offer. Check out our other special options:

  • Our on-site fertility lab is a vital part of our fertility services. We serve individuals and institutions in the Northwest and the nation. As one of the most comprehensive fertility labs in the region, doctors, patients, academic and research groups rely on us. They know they can trust our precise fertility testing and information.
  • Our fertility pharmacy program was created to reduce the cost of fertility medications. We provide a cost-effective and convenient way for you to obtain medicines you need during fertility care.
  • Our wide range of services for people trying to achieve pregnancy include an on-site fertility lab, donor programs and in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Backed by the medical excellence of OHSU

As part of Oregon Health & Science University, we offer access to the full array of OHSU services and specialists. You have access to OHSU experts during fertility treatments as well as early pregnancy to give you the best possible outcome. We help ensure that you have a successful pregnancy, safe delivery and healthy baby.