Sponsored Research Agreement FAQs

OHSU Technology Transfer is the pre-award office for industry-sponsored pre-clinical research agreements. For questions regarding post-award processes including account set-up and distribution of funds, please contact the Office of Proposal and Award Management (OPAM).

What is a sponsored research agreement?
A sponsored research agreement is a contract between OHSU and a for profit sponsor for the purposes of funding and conducting research at OHSU.

What are the terms that are typically covered in a sponsored research agreement?
sponsored research agreements typically include terms governing the following: scope of work, budget, payment obligations and timing, options to license any intellectual property arising from the research, publication of results, confidentiality, and other important items to complete the research and/or contract.

How long will it take to process my sponsored research agreement?
The process for developing a sponsored research agreement may be short or lengthy, depending on the complexity of the program to be sponsored and what the sponsor expects in return for their support. Some factors include:
    • how quickly company representatives respond, 
    • how complex of an agreement the company requires, and
    • completion of OHSU regulatory requirements (i.e., IRB, IACUC, CoIR) 
Agreements Officers in OHSU Technology Transfer may be able to offer guidance that will avoid some delays if they are made aware of the potential for sponsored research at early stages of discussion between researchers and company representatives.

How do I prepare a budget for a sponsored research agreement?
Your department’s fiscal manager should be able to help/guide you with budget preparation for the sponsored research agreement. 

Do I have to fill out a Proposed Project Questionnaire (PPQ) for a sponsored research agreement?
Yes, it is absolutely important that a PPQ be completed prior to the execution of a sponsored research agreement. Please note that a PPQ will also provide guidance for other requirements such as compliance with IRB, IACUC and IBC protocols. Please contact OHSU Technology Transfer for more information about PPQ's.

What are the current indirect Facilities and Adminstrative (F&A) cost rates?
Please refer to the current indirect costs rate or facilities and administration costs (F&A) on O2.

Why does a company have to pay the same indirects as the Federal Government?
The overhead expenses paid by indirect costs are the same, regardless of the funding mechanism. Indirect cost rates are calculated to pay for costs associated with doing research, but are not included in any specific research project – general administrative expenses, space costs, utilities, general office and computer supplies, etc. Given OHSU's goal of managing research efficiently so we can support a growing research program, we need to ensure full recovery of the real cost of doing research.

What if I am not able to complete the research within the intended time?
If a sponsor agrees, the term of the sponsored research agreement can be extended to allow completion of the research project. In such a situation, OHSU Technology Transfer negotiates an amendment or a no-cost extension to a sponsored research agreement with the sponsor.

Contact us at mta@ohsu.edu for any questions regarding sponsored research agreements at OHSU.