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OHSU Innovates fast facts for 2022

  • 129 invention disclosures
  • 48 patent applications filed on new matter 
  • 111 license and option agreements
  • 78 industry-sponsored research agreements
  • 86 startup companies launched since 1998

Annual Impact Reports

The OHSU Innovates annual impact report provides yearly metrics and highlights new and exciting innovators, technologies, collaborations and startups from OHSU.

OHSU Innovates 2022 Impact Report

OHSU Innovates 2021 Impact Report

OHSU Innovation Awards

The OHSU Innovation Awards honor scientists that work with the OHSU Innovates network to disclose new technologies and collaborate with external partners to advance innovative healthcare solutions. These awards also include recognition of those who have received patents, participated in industry-sponsored research and successfully had their inventions licensed for commercialization. 

Congratulations to the 2023 OHSU Innovation Awardees!  Read more about their innovative research programs in the 2023 OHSU Innovation Awards