Commercialization Grants and Funding Opportunities

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To support researcher-entrepreneurs in technology development and commercialization, OHSU Innovates has created a number of programs to enhance innovations created at the university. The awards expand Tech Transfer’s portfolio of funding opportunities that support all stages of innovation development — from disclosure through development and commercialization.

Find more innovation programming and opportunities from our OHSU partner the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute (OCTRI).

The Biomedical Innovation Program (BIP) accelerates the delivery of healthcare technologies in order to improve human health. The program cultivates, evaluates and funds promising translational projects with the objective of moving innovative technologies to clinical application through commercialization. Three tracks of funding are available: Device, Diagnostic, & Software development, Drug Discovery, and Digital Health. This funding mechanism is offered by OCTRI in close collaboration with OHSU Collaborations and Entrepreneurship and OHSU Technology Transfer, and is open to all OHSU faculty and eligible employees. See more information about the Biomedical Innovation Program.

The  IDEA Fund provides strategic, timely funding for:

  1. developing technologies,
  2. funding for OHSU startup companies, and
  3. innovation and commercialization educational programming support to help bridge the early-stage funding gap often experienced by innovators when moving through the commercialization process. 

The 3 funding tracks are described below.

I. Gap funding technology support 

  • To be used for previously disclosed technologies that could benefit from a targeted grant to bridge a critical gap or achieve a significant milestone toward commercialization. 
  • Technology development should be underway for projects seeking IDEA Gap Funding. 
  • Technologies previously awarded grant funding (e.g., OCTRI Biomedical Innovation Program) are preferred.  

Applications are currently closed for gap funding, but please check back for future opportunities. 

II. OHSU startup company support

  • To be used as seed funds and SBIR/STTR matching funds for OHSU startups
  • Startup support is open to companies whose formation was dependent on the licensing of OHSU’s technology. These startups can apply for funding under 2 options: 1) up to $15,000 in seed funding for new startups 2) up to $15,000 in SBIR or STTR grant matching support for each award received.

To apply, submit the application form and all required materials to There are no deadlines for submission.

III. Innovation and commercialization educational support

  • To be used to support educational programming and events in support of innovation and commercialization efforts and benefiting the OHSU community

Please send inquiries to

With this new investment in early-stage technologies, OHSU Technology Transfer is expanding and strengthening the continuum of funding available to OHSU innovators — from disclosure to programs like the Biomedical Innovation Program, a collaboration of the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute, OHSU Technology Transfer and OHSU Collaborations and Entrepreneurship.

This award of up to $10,000 will be given every quarter to support further development of a recently disclosed technology. OHSU Technology Transfer will select the awardee based on novelty and market opportunity, as well as the initial data provided with the technology disclosure. All new OHSU-based inventions disclosed to OHSU Technology Transfer are eligible for the award.

Contact to find out more about disclosure, the first step in the commercialization process.

Are you developing an innovation at OHSU that you’d like to talk about with potential partners? OHSU Technology Transfer has implemented a new program to provide innovative teams travel funds to promote their discoveries and technologies through targeted presentations and meetings with potential partners or at partnering conferences.

OHSU Technology Transfer, with the OHSU Venture Development Fund, will award funds on a rolling basis to support individuals or teams with travel expenses.

To be considered, please send the following information to

  • The technology/innovation to be presented (include the Technology ID Number assigned by OHSU Technology Transfer)
  • The conference you plan to attend and companies and individuals you plan to meet
  • Individuals who will be traveling
  • Amount of funds requested and intended use (up to $5,000)

OHSU Technology Transfer will notify individuals/teams of funding decisions within a few weeks of receiving this information. Awards are based on availability of funds and potential for impact to society.