About OHSU Innovates

Tram arriving at Peter O. Kohler Pavilion landing

OHSU Innovates is a collaborative network that supports the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems at OHSU and beyond.  

Services we provide include:

  • Evaluation, management and marketing of OHSU innovations and intellectual property.
  • Development and implementation of strategies to establish partnerships.
  • Commercialization and research agreement management.
  • Alliance management for strategic partnerships.
  • Guidance and assistance for new startup company formation. 
  • Entrepreneurial education programs and early-stage technology funding.

Our network

OHSU Innovates is led by OHSU Technology Transfer and OHSU Collaborations and Entrepreneurship.  In addition, we work closely with a number of other groups at OHSU who support innovation and entrepreneurship.

Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute (OCTRI) - Helping OHSU researchers remove barriers, apply best practices and translate biomedical advances into treatments.

Strategic Alliances, OHSU School of Medicine - Cultivating and supporting innovative partnership opportunities for OHSU researchers.