Innovation Resources

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Oregon Health & Science University is devoted to innovating to advance science and enhance health worldwide. OHSU Innovates believes it is critical to foster the inventor spirit that runs deep within our organization. We focus on ways to educate our aspiring innovators and engage with the community to help them navigate the world of commercialization. We invite you to learn more about our offerings and attend one of our events soon.  

We support our innovators via: 

  • Gap funding programs to foster early-stage innovations. 
  • Access to customized mentorship .
  • Assistance with follow on funding and resource identification . 
  • Educational programs to develop skills in innovation and entrepreneurship. 
  • Competitions and events that stimulate innovation around science. 

Startup resources

Visit our Startup Resources page for more information about launching a new company.

OHSU has a number of policies that are relevant to innovation and entrepreneurship, including defining intellectual property and royalty sharing for inventors, guidelines for OHSU member participation in outside activities, such as startup companies.  Note: OHSU login is required to view policies

OHSU Startup Companies Policy describes Conflict of Interest (CoI) policy regarding OHSU Members' roles in OHSU Startup Companies.

Intellectual Property and Royalty Distribution Policy No. 04-50-001 defines the policy for distributing licensing revenue to OHSU inventors and departments.

Authority of RDA Units and Institutional Review Policy No. 04-00-005 describes services provided by OHSU Innovates that are authorized by the Institutional Official.

Conflicts of Interest & Commitment Policy No. 10-01-020 describes guidelines for outside activities for OHSU members.

Technology Disclosure Form - available for OHSU employees to disclose discoveries to the OHSU Technology Transfer office.  Learn more about this process. 

OHSU is not responsible for negotiating or reviewing consulting agreements on behalf of OHSU faculty and staff. The guidelines for consulting are covered in the Outside Activity/Outside Compensation portion of the Conflicts of Interest & Commitment policy.

Faculty are also advised that personal consulting agreements may result in conflict of interest situations with their university employment and, as such, must be disclosed to their respective Department Chair.

We recommend that the following statement is added to any consulting agreement involving an OHSU employee: "Consultant is an employee of Oregon Health & Science University and has responsibilities and research projects resulting from his/her activities as such an employee. Not withstanding any other provisions in this Agreement, the Company shall not have any rights to any work product, intellectual property and/or other works or materials created by Consultant as a result of employment with Oregon Health & Science University."

NOTE: This resource is for OHSU investigators, faculty and laboratory staff only.

To submit materials to OHSU Technology Transfer's materials registry, contact us at Materials submitted will be posted to the OHSU Technology Transfer website and will be available for an automated outgoing material transfer agreement to other research and/or academic institutions for non-commercial research use only. 

A number of other departments play a role in the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem at OHSU.

Office of Proposal & Award Management (OPAM

OHSU Integrity