Technology Transfer

Futuristic laboratory. Image courtesy of Getty Images

OHSU Technology Transfer supports OHSU innovators to further their research and commercialization goals.  This includes facilitation and negotiation of both academic and industry agreements as well as providing assistance at each step to commercialization for new inventions and technologies. 

OHSU Technology Transfer supports the OHSU community by: 

  • Assessing the commercial potential of research and other collaborative ideas - visit the OHSU Innovators page to learn more.
  • Protecting OHSU's intellectual property - visit Steps to Commercialization page to learn more. 
  • Promoting technologies for licensing - visit the OHSU Technology Portal to see current licensing opportunities.
  • Negotiating and managing commercialization and academic agreements - visit the Agreements page for more information.
  • Acquiring and distributing research resources - visit the Resources page.
  • Creating opportunities to bridge the funding gap for promising research innovations - visit the Grants and Funding Opportunities page to learn more.
  • Assisting in the launch of new companies based on OHSU intellectual property – visit the OHSU Startup Companies page to learn more.