Technology Transfer Team


Travis Cook

Travis Cook, M.S., M.B.A., CLP
Senior Director, Technology Transfer

Technology Development and Licensing

The Technology Development and Licensing Team manages the commercialization of OHSU innovations,  including evaluation, intellectual property protection, marketing, and licensing.

Anne Carlson

Anne Carlson, Ph.D., CLP
Associate Director, Technology Development and Licensing

Lisa Lukaesko

Lisa Lukaesko, Ph.D.
Technology Development Manager

Arvin Paranjpe

Arvin Paranjpe, J.D., M.S.
Senior Technology Development Manager

Cadence True

Cadence True, Ph.D.
Technology Collaboration Manager

Academic and Industry Agreements

The Academic and Industry Agreements Team negotiates and executes research agreements, including Material Transfer Agreements and Sponsored Research Agreements.

Sri Balakrishnan

Sri Kripa Balakrishnan, Ph.D.
Senior Agreements Manager

Profile image of Jackie Domire, Agreements Manager

Jackie Domire
Agreements Manager

Ruth Epling

Ruth Epling
Associate Director, Agreements

Profile image of Affreen Jaffery

Affreen Jaffery
Agreements Manager

James Lagowski

James Lagowski, M.S.
Senior Agreements Manager

Business Management

The Business Management Team is responsible for operations and project management for OHSU Technology Transfer.

Nicole Garrison

Nicole Garrison, M.B.A.
Program Administrator

Justin Isla

Justin Isla
Administrative Assistant

Profile image of Margaret Kubat

Margaret Kubat
Project Coordinator


The Patent Team manages and supports the patent portfolio of intellectual property at OHSU.

Brandy Burtis

Brandy Burtis
Patent Docketing and Records Specialist

Profile image of Shubeena Chib

Shubeena Chib, Ph.D.
Technical Specialist

Steven Eck

Steven Eck, J.D.
Senior Patent Manager

Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts, Ph.D.
Technical Specialist