Visiting Students | Radiation Oncology

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Thank you for your interest in a radiation oncology elective with the Department of Radiation Medicine. The department is offering two radiation oncology electives for AY2022/23. Our AY2022/23 electives can be found here: VSLO Elective Search

The objective of these clinical electives is to provide medical students with a comprehensive introduction to the field of radiation oncology. 

During these electives, students will rotate with a variety faculty and residents through the clinic, seeing and assessing patients at various stages of radiation therapy. Students will have the opportunity to learn the scope of a clinical radiation oncology practice, including treatment planning and delivery, on-treatment management, diagnostic procedures and patient follow-up. 

These electives are intended for medical students at any stage of their clinical experience who are interested in exploring this specialty. 

To learn more about rotating with OHSU visit, Visiting Students. If you have any further questions, please email our Education Program Coordinator.

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) utilizes the AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO, previously known as VSAS) to receive visiting MD and DO student applications.

OHSU's visiting student catalog will open on March 7, 2022. Applications will open on April 1, 2022. OHSU AY2022/23 Rotation Dates

Students participate in the clinical work-up of patients in preparation for radiation therapy as well as in the treatment and follow-up of already treated patients. Assigned reading and participation in all departmental seminars and conferences are also required. 


  • Introduce and have a basic understanding of the clinical and technical basics of radiation oncology
  • Understand the radiation oncology work flow
  • Understand the basic principles of multidisciplinary cancer management
  • Participate in contouring and understanding basics of radiation contouring and treatment planning
  • Introduction to the assessment of a cancer patient
  • Introduction to radiology/imaging principles

Other learning opportunities

OHSU and Stanford are hosting case-based sessions every other week, led by physicians from various institutions. Rad Onc Virtual Education Rotation (ROVER) is a virtual multi-institutional session reviewing patient cases with radiation oncology physicians and discussing treatment options for each patient case. The goal is to review how to treat certain disease-specific cases. 

Learn more here: