Medical Student Interest Group

Dr. James Tanyi speaking with a student

The Radiation Medicine Student Interest Group (RMSIG) is organized by students and faculty to provide information about the field of radiation medicine. The specific aims of RMSIG include, providing early and intimate exposure to this rapidly developing field within medicine, providing opportunities for student research, and developing strong mentorship from practicing doctors. The Student Interest Group is open to all students, who desire to learn how cutting edge radiation-modalities are used to treat patients.

RMSIG is for High School Students, Undergraduate Students, and Graduate Students.

To join the student interest group, email us

Dr. Deig with RMSIG at 2018 Open House

Claire Turina, Class of 2022

Lauren Maloney, Class of 2022

Lee Rost, Class of 2021 

Tiffany Lee, Class of 2021

Nima Nabavizadeh, M.D.,  Assistant Professor of Radiation Medicine

Jenna Kahn M.D., Assistant Professor of Radiation Medicine

Radiation Medicine Open House: October 28, 2019

2019 flyer

Join the Radiation Medicine Student Interest Group on October 28, 2019 to meet the faculty, residents, and staff of OHSU's Department of Radiation Medicine!

Email RMSIG  with questions.

Welcome to Campus Barbecue & Information Fair: September 26, 2019

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Welcome to Campus Barbecue & Information Fair sponsored by All-Hill Student Council, Office of Student Life, Graduate Student Organization and SOM Alumni Association from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on the Mac Hall lawn.  

Get to Know Radiation Oncology Event - Fall 2018

Dr. Nabavizadeh at lunch and learn

"Get to Know Radiation Oncology” lunch-and-learn session was held in the fall 2018 with Dr. Nabavizadeh and interested OHSU medical students.

Adeline Plesiu

Aaron Grossberg, Ph.D.

Ally Gallagher (Class of '20)

Ann Oluloro

Anna Olsen (Class of 2016)

Arpine Khudanyan (PubMed)

Bahar Kasimi (Class of 2018)

Basma Saadoun (SOM Class of 2015)

Bethany Samuelson  (2011 Rubinstien Research Scholar), (Manifestations of Hope), (UCSF Internal Medicine residency program)

Brandon Dyer

(2011 TL1 Grant), (SOM Class '14, residency, radiation oncology, Univ. of California at Davis), (ASTRO 2012 photo1, photo2 [JPG] )

Cymon Kersch, M.S.T.P.

Derek Zachman, M.S.T.P.

Eric Muñoz (SOM Class '10, resident, diagnostic radiology, Univ. of Louisville)

Faisal Siddiqui, Ph.D. (OHSU Radiation Medicine residency program) 

Garth Tormoen, M.S.T.P., Ph.D. (Class of 2015), Matching in radiation oncology at OHSU.

Ian Wright (SOM Class '15)

Jaime Zelaya, Ph.D. (Class of 2017)

Jason Flamiatos, Class of 2016, M.D., M.P.H.

Jehan Yahya

Joshua Walker, Ph.D.

(Characterization of CD8+ T cells following vaccination with an inactivated whole virus vaccine), (OHSU Radiation Medicine residency program) 

Katelyn Atkins

(SOM Class '14, MSTP, residency, radiation oncology, Harvard Radiation Oncology Program)

Kristen O'Donnell (SOM Class '09, resident, radiation oncology, Univ. of Arizona)

Kristina Young, Ph.D.

(MSTP)(SOM Class '10, resident, radiation oncology, OHSU), (ABR Holman Research Pathway), (2012 ASCO/AACR Vail Workshop on Methods in Clinical Cancer Research), (2013 RSNA Research Resident/Fellow Grant recipient) 

Kyungjeen "KJ" Paik

Lee Rost (Class of 2021)

Leonel Kahn

(Florida presentation), (2011 Tartar Trust Awards), (2012 RSNA Research Medical Student Grant recipient), (UC Davis Radiation Oncology residency)

Mara Rosenberg (PubMed)

  • 2019 RSNA Research Medical Student Grant award, RMS1932, “Tumor-intrinsic Markers of Cachexia in Patients with Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma"

Matthew Farrell (Class of 2019)

Michael C. Ryan

(2011 TL1 Grant) Oleg Sostin, BSN (SOM Class of 2014) (ASTRO 2012 [JPG])

Rakendu Shukla

(Class of 2015), Matching in radiation oncology at the University of California at Davis.  (Photo)

Reed E. Cope

(SOM Class '14, residency, radiation oncology, Univ. of Minnesota)

Robert "Robbie" Fain (2015-2016)

Ruth White, Ph.D. (SOM Class of 2013)

Sophia Bornstein, Ph.D. (SOM Class '10, resident, radiation oncology, OHSU)

Ted P. Braun, Ph.D.

(MSTP candidate) - "Central Nervous System Regulation of Muscle Atrophy"

Tessa Herman (Class of 2021)

Tiffany Lee (Class of 2021)

Wendy McGinnis (Class of 2017)

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