PA students make masks for Oregon vineyard workers

Crafting masks for Salud
Making masks is a family affair

In response to the COVID pandemic and lack of proper PPE for underserved populations, the OHSU PA class of 2021, in collaboration with the Oregon Student Service Corps, orchestrated a DIY Mask Making Project. Using class funds to cover mask supplies and educational materials, approximately 150 masks were crafted and donated to İSalud!.  In addition to providing masks, the Oregon Student Service Corps designed health education pamphlets available in both English and Spanish highlighting the importance of mask use, social distancing, and mask cleaning. İSalud! Services program is a clinical department of OHSU Tuality Healthcare and serves Oregon vineyard workers. The mask distribution project was headlined by PA class of 2021 students Kayla Carlson and Timothy Ulleseit, with assistance from OHSU School of Nursing student Tisa Kent. To learn more about the Oregon Student Service Corps, visit

Additionally, the Salem Statesman Journal published an in-depth story on iSalud! that mentioned the work of Tito Vidales (PA21) and faculty member Lillian Navarro-Reynolds—see the photo gallery in the linked article.

PA21 students donating masks to Salud
Students donating masks
More mask donations
Donated masks