Letters of Reference

Applicants are required to submit three letters of reference as part of their CASPA application. These three letters are sufficient to provide the OHSU PA Program Admissions Committee with information regarding a candidate's potential for becoming a PA and readiness for a master's level PA program.   An applicant may submit up to two additional letters in CASPA for a total of five LORs. Additional letters beyond the three are not required or necessarily encouraged.  Letters should be submitted using the Evaluations section of the CASPA application so that they arrive as part of your complete application.

OHSU does not require the three letters to be from specific sources, however, our preference is for letters of reference to be submitted from each of the following:

  • a physician assistant (PA) or physician (MD or DO)
  • a current or former work supervisor
  • an academic source such as an academic advisor, instructor, or professor

Applicants should select references based on many factors including those who know you best.  The letters should come from professional sources, not family members or friends. 

Please refer to the CASPA Help Center for further information regarding the process for requesting reference letters.