Faculty and Staff

Core Faculty

Jim Huntzicker, Ph.D., M.M.

Dr. Huntzicker joined Oregon Graduate Center (subsequently renamed to Oregon Graduate Institute) in 1974 and served in a number of capacities. Read more.

Steve Kinder, M.P.A.

Steve Kinder is the head of the Division of Management in the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) School of Medicine. Read more.

Judy Richardson
Judy Richardson, M.D., M.B.A., F.A.A.F.P., C.P.E.

Judy Richardson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine, and the Division of Management, with time currently allocated to the Oregon Health Authority in support of the Covid Recovery and Response Unit. Read more.

Niki Steckler, Ph.D.

Niki Steckler, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Division of Management in Oregon Health & Science University's School of Medicine. She holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Harvard University. Read more.

Jessica Walter, Ed.D., M.A.

Jessica is an Assistant Professor and the Director of the Division of Management at Oregon Health & Science University. Read more.


Kelly Doherty DoM Headshot
Kelly Doherty, M.P.A.

Kelly is the Education Manager III for the Division of Management at Oregon Health and Science University. She has over twenty years of experience assisting individuals transform their careers through graduate education, devoting her career to improving access and equity in education. Read more. 

Karissa Gregory DoM Headshot
Karissa Gregory, M.S.

Karissa is the Graduate Admissions and Recruitment Advisor for the OHSU Division of Management where she facilitates by answering questions for prospective students, assists applicants through the admissions process, communicates with current students, and helps coordinate alumni events. She also collaborates with staff, faculty, and colleagues to set up and deliver educational experiences.

Jesse Morales headshot
Jesse Morales

Jesse is the Student Services Coordinator for the Division of Management and supports student and  faculty in the Sakai online learning environment, coordinates registration, and advises current students.

Sanji Zagorodney
Sanji Zagorodney, M.B.A.

Sanji prepares financial analyses relating to budget variance analyses, operation of systems, and cost analysis; prepares, analyzes, and maintains cost data as required for regulatory reporting; gathers and reports statistics for budget and cost reports.

Adjunct Faculty

Anupama Acheson DoM Headshot
Anupama Acheson, M.D., M.B.A.

Anupama is a collaborative team leader who has strived to build relationships with diverse groups of professionals throughout her career. Read more.

Karin Bell headshot
Karin K. Bell, M.S.

Karin Bell is the manager of Digital Content Experience at Anthem Health, with oversight of the Digital Content Solutions Delivery for public channels as well as Health and Wellness Digital Content Strategy Solutions, collaborating with many to address the physical, behavioral and social drivers that impact whole health. Read more.

Cardi portrait
Eugene Cardi, M.S.

Eugene serves as OHSU’s Director of Specialty and Value-Based Care. In this capacity Eugene's role is to be a consistent advocate for value-based care health initiatives across all aspects of care delivery with emphasis in Specialty Care and Hospital Medicine, acting as a keen observer and evaluator of emerging value-based care and alternative payment model trends, assessing risk, and recommending strategic direction. Read more.

Tom Culhane, M.D., M.M.M., M.H.C.M.

Tom is a native of Portland.  After graduating from Jesuit High School he attended Stanford University where he earned his bachelor's degree in biological sciences.  He returned to Portland to attend OHSU where he completed his M.D. degree in 1979. Read more.

Charles “Bud” Garrison, M.B.A.

Bud has focused a large part of his career on aligning technology with organizational strategies, implementing process improvement, and enhancing productivity for clinical area. Read more.

Jawanza Hadley
Jawanza Hadley, M.S., P.M.P.

As the Program Director for Work2BeWell, Jawanza will spearhead national program expansion, oversee curriculum development and digital asset development, and build community partnerships with local and national education and behavioral health organizations. Read more.

Gina Hawley, M.H.A., Dr.P.H.

Gina Hawley is the Vice President of Professional and Support Services where she oversees several allied health, clinical, and support services programs for OHSU Healthcare. Read more.

Aleshia King's DoM Headshot
Aleshia King, M.B.A.

Aleshia is a compassionate and transformative leader who values equity and innovation in healthcare. Her career journey began in administrative support roles within culturally responsive holistic care, behavioral health, and addictions treatment centers.  Read more.

Jaclyn Liu Headshot
Jaclyn Liu, M.S.

Jaclyn Liu serves as Community Health Program Manager at Stanford Health Care, managing SHC's community health investment portfolio to reduce health disparities and driving organizational community benefit and health equity strategies. Read more.

Megan McGhean
Megan McGhean, M.S.

Megan McGhean is the Family Medicine Department Administrator for Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon. Read more.

Lavon Medlock DoM Headshot
Lavon Medlock, M.S.

Lavon has spent the last two decades enjoying a career encompassing healthcare consulting, small business ownership, hospital-based operations, process improvement and executive coaching. Read more.

Kat Phillips
Kat Phillips, M.S., PMP

Kat Phillips is the Director of Health Equity at OHSU, a newly formed health center focused on developing community-based care models that serve historically minoritized individuals and underserved populations in the state of Oregon. This work bridges the gap between health systems and community leaders and aims to improve healthcare access and affordability for marginalized community groups. Read more.

Tracy Quan
Tracy Quan, M.B.A., P.M.P.

Tracy Quan is a healthcare professional with 15 years experience in creating valuable solutions for a variety of sponsors. She finds motivation in cultivating engaged multidisciplinary teams and thrives in the cross-section of technology, organizational culture, and strategy. She is a proud graduate of The Healthcare M.B.A. Read more.

Dr. Sakaguchi headshot
Brad Sakaguchi, M.D., M.B.A.

Dr. Sakaguchi has a diverse background in medical business and finance. He is an accomplished physician and surgeon completing residencies in both general surgery and obstetrics/gynecology. Read more.

Brooke Stanley DoM Headshot
Brooke Stanley, M.B.A.

Brooke is a healthcare project manager with a passion for system-level redesign with a focus on equity and the environment. Read more.

Mary Tanski, M.D., M.B.A.

Mary co-teaches MGT 570 Operations and Quality Management in the M.B.A. program. Read more.

Hans VanDerSchaaf, Ph.D., M.P.A.

Hans VanDerSchaaf is inspired by work that harnesses innovation, human-centeredness and technology to create step changes in organizational performance and customer experiences. Read more.

Kate Wallace's DoM Headshot
Kate Wallace, M.B.A.

Kate Wallace is a Director of Nursing Services for Asante Health System in Southern Oregon. Read more.

Randi White DoM Headshot
Randi White, M.B.A.

Randi is a healthcare leader passionate about supporting caregivers providing care to our community. She is a Director of Operations at Adventist Health Medical Group in Portland, Oregon, with a varied background in hospital, ambulatory, and nonprofit foundation leadership. Read more.