Student and Alumni Profiles

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Pivoting into a Successful Career: The Power of Connection 

Embarking on the Graduate Certificate Program, Debbie Garcia was fueled by a vision for change. Although successful in the semiconductor sector, her aspirations lay in a field that resonated more deeply with her values—healthcare. Read more

Dr. Kim Mauer

Advice from Alumni

We asked new alums to provide perspective on adding graduate school to already full lives. Dr. Kim Mauer and Mr. Adam Byrd shared their mindsets, tactics, and lessons learned. They covered organizing their weeks to approaching assignments to connecting with others. Read more. 

Omar Al Rais

Dedicated to Improving Access to Healthcare  

Having experienced many models of healthcare delivery systems, MBA graduate Omar Al Rais finds both hope and room for improvement in the U.S. system. His personal story shaped his career. Read more.

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Creating Community

With graduation approaching, MBA students Dr. Nandita Gupta and Dr. Jamie Cheshier started a non-traditional book club. They recognized that without doing something, they were about to lose the safe and confidential spaces created during their education. Read more.

Adam Byrd, MS Student

Applied and Relevant

Adam Byrd, Biomedical Imaging Specialist, new Dad, and MS in Healthcare Administration student is making his coursework count. Read more.

David Zonies smiling

The Path to Change

A question that kept David Zonies, MD, MPH, MBA ’20, up at night was how to improve critical care services across the newly formed OHSU Health. He decided to propose a Capstone project to explore this further. Read more.

Debbie Garcia

Making a Difference

Debbie Garcia, Cert ’18, can recall when, being with her peers in class, she realized that she could make a difference in the medical industry. Read more.

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Helping Leaders Take Their Teams to the Next Level 

Alison Noice, an experienced mental health clinician, wasn’t looking to make a career change when she entered the Graduate Certificate. Read more.

Dr. Judy Richardson Headshot

From Learner to Professor: Dr. Richardson Crafts Her Career

Since graduating from The Healthcare MBA in 2019, Dr. Judy Richardson has been on the move. When Judy entered the program, she was already the medical director for Columbia Crest Family Medicine in The Dalles, OR, where she championed person-centered care and advocated for healthcare in rural communities. Read more.