MRA Neck WO or WWO Neuro Protocol

Scan Notes

Last updated: 3/19/2021
Scanner preference: 1.5T or 3T
Coil: NV

Plane Weighting Mode Slice Gap FAT SAT FOV Notes
Axial 2D TOF FFE 3mm -1mm None 20cm Aortic Arch to Basilar (cover Anterior). MIP: right and left carotids.
Axial (if order indicates "Dissection") T1 FAT SAT TSE 4mm 0.4mm SPIR 20cm Include if order indicates "Dissection". Aortic Arch to Basilar (cover Anterior)
If Ordered With Contrast Power inject 3cc/sec
COR CE 3D TOF 3D FFE 1.2mm 0mm None 35cm Power inject contrast and 20cc saline flush @ 2.0 cc/sec. Trigger when you see contrast beginning to advance into the carotids.
MPR 180 Spin Mip: Bilateral Carotids, Right Carotid, Left Carotid.
MRA Neck WWO Neuro Radiology Protocol image that shows MR Techs when to trigger the bolus trak
MRA Neck WWO Neuro Radiology Protocol image 2 showing MR Techs where to trigger the bolus track