MR Pediatric Bilateral Hips Post Reduction WO Protocol


Updated: 1/13/2022
Scanner Preference:1.5T or 3T
Coil: Torso

Notes from the Radiologist:

  • Images must be checked by radiologist or radiology resident before patient leaves.
  • Post contrast MRI not offered routinely without sedation. Rad approval requested.
Plane Weighting Mode Slice Gap FS FOV Notes
AXIAL T2 SS FSE 3mm 0 mm 20 cm (16 cm preferred) Iliac crests through pubic symphysis
COR T2 SS FSE 4mm 0 mm 20 cm (16 cm preferred) symphysis through sacrum
AX T1 mDIXON 3mm 0mm DIXON 20 cm (16 cm preferred) turn in/out-of-phase ON