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Behind the Mask: OHSU Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine Class of 2020

Education vision statement

To be the best anesthesiology education program in the nation, committed to developing physicians who demonstrate professionalism and clinical excellence, dedication to life-long learning, and commitment to leadership, and advancement of the specialty of perioperative medicine.


Provide excellent education and professional development for our medical students, residents, fellows, staff and faculty, in order to promote an environment that stimulates the spirit of inquiry, initiative and cooperation demonstrated by exceptional clinical outcomes, leadership positions, and scholarly output.

Strategic goals

1.           Encourage and support an environment of educational, clinical and quality scholarship among our trainees and core teaching faculty.

2.           Continue to develop and implement innovative educational curricula and programs in order to graduate the finest perioperative physicians, attract high caliber trainees, and remain a top tier program across the country.

3.           Alignment of the educational mission with quality and patient safety goals of the local,regional and national healthcare systems.

4.           Identify and engage champions who will help us recruit, train and graduate,high-performing residents and fellows from under-represented minority (URM) groups.

5.           Use innovative and best practices in education, including instructional methods that encourage retention and application of knowledge, such as problem-based learning,simulation, and interactive digital delivery platforms, throughout the education mission to enhance the learning environment of all learners (medical students, interns, residents, fellows and faculty).

6.           Create a sense of community and wellness to foster and support ongoing development of faculty and learners, including both faculty-learner and peer-to-peer interactions.

Commitment to equity and inclusion

The anesthesiology training programs are committed to creating an environment where diversity thrives among its faculty, staff, and learners.

Diversity is one of the six core goals of the OHSU strategic plan. The institution is committed to cultivating a climate of inclusion and respect for every individual in the OHSU community, and to fostering aculturally proficient, inclusive, and diverse work force. Within the Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine, diversity is also a focus of our mission.

As you consider becoming a part of our OHSU and APOM community, you may find these diversity resources valuable:

Center for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI)

Diversity Action Plan

Diversity Resource Guide

In addition, all interviewed applicants for our programs are offered an opportunity to visit the CDI during their time on campus. As a department, we have identified several individuals who would be happy to speak confidentially with you to give you their perspective on diversity in the department, the institution, and the region. If you are interested in talking with one of these individuals, please let our education team know when you arrange your interview.