Clinical Research

APOM Clinical Research Team
Brandon Togioka

The primary goal of the Clinical Research Division is to become a leader in perioperative clinical and translational science, spanning from the investigation of preoperative optimization strategies, establishing intra-operative evidence-base strategies, evaluating critical care interventions, exploring neurocritical care inquires, developing innovative pain management approaches, and focusing on dissemination science to translate research into clinical practice. To achieve these comprehensive goals, we have implemented several strategies to overcome common barriers encountered in performing clinical research primarily due to limited training and experience in developing study designs, conducting and analyzing clinical research, and constraints of time and resource availability.

Our program provides extensive support, particularly to clinicians, clinician-scientists and basic scientists, to successfully achieve their research objectives. Specifically, the program is structured to provide resources and expertise to expedite conduct and emphasize quality of clinical research, focusing on the following aspects:

  1. Consultation for study design and planning, career and/or program development.
  2. Support with grant preparation and writing, protocol development, grants and contracts administration.
  3. Regulatory expertise to facilitate approvals and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  4. Study research coordination to facilitate participant recruitment and enrollment, and data collection.
  5. Electronic data capture including development and support of interactive web-based randomization system, data management for single center and multi-centric trials, patient screening dashboard, data preparation, dataset reports, and technical support.
  6. Biostatistical consulting and support, ranging from grant preparation, analysis plans, data safety monitoring board charter and interim reports, complete data analysis, and data presentation.
  7. Medical writing, library resources, and research administration.

Our clinical research enterprise has accrued several million dollars from a variety of funding sources (e.g., federal, foundation, departmental and industry-sponsors), and includes research expertise in pain, critical care, pediatric, regional, and cardiac anesthesia, as well as patient safety, airway management and other perioperative areas.

To promote an academic culture and to inspire interest in scientific research, Anesthesiology residents and fellows rotate through departmental laboratories. These trainees can spend up to six months (nine months for fellows) engaged in research projects with a faculty mentor, working alongside full-time research faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students to develop  technical skills, scientific approaches and critical thinking at the bench and in weekly research conferences, laboratory meetings, focus groups and journal clubs.

If you have any questions, interest in collaborating or joining us, don't hesitate to contact us. Welcome!

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Vice Chair for Clinical Research
Brandon Togioka, M.D. 
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