Diversity Action Plan

The Diversity Action Plan is intended as a roadmap to guide the efforts of all OHSU community members and campus units. The goal of the resulting plan is to improve access, advancement, retention, professional opportunities and the campus climate for all OHSU community members while aligning with business objectives. Individual units and departments are encouraged to enhance the goals, strategies and metrics to achieve the objectives within their groups.

The plan also calls on all community members to contribute toward reaching the Diversity Action Plan goals and building an institution that leads in diversity, equity and inclusion.

OHSU's Five Diversity Goals

Five goals were identified as the highest priorities among students, residents, fellows, faculty and the workforce throughout OHSU.

  1. Increase Recruitment
  2. Strengthen Retention
  3. Improve the Climate of Inclusion
  4. Build Community Partnerships
  5. Benchmark for Excellence

For each of the first four goals, the plan outlines specific strategies, identifying those responsible and what metrics will be used to measure progress. Goal five measures OHSU's diversity and inclusion progress against three separate benchmarks: itself, similar academic healthcare institutions and Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks.

Diversity Guiding Principles and Values

Diversity and inclusion are central to OHSU's core values. The following principles and values align with OHSU's strategic vision and serve as a call to action for every member of the OHSU community.

  • Diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. Every individual is unique, and we recognize individual differences complement our workforce and student enrollment in a positive way.
  • Giving and receiving respect is the foundation of healthy work and learning environments.
  • Inappropriate or negative comments and actions about the ability, skills or attributes of others violate OHSU's Code of Conduct.
  • OHSU aspires to provide a healthy environment that cultivates unity, productivity, understanding and collaboration. All staff, students, faculty, volunteers, community partners and patients must be treated with respect.
  • OHSU community members should strive for the highest degree of excellence, serve as good role models, be accountable, empower and develop others and set a standard of being fair, transparent and consistent with OHSU policies and practices.
  • Leadership and management are expected to embrace diversity and create an environment of inclusion and equal access and opportunity.