Research Component and Core Structure


Admin Core-001 (AC001) - Administrative Core
Center Director: Tamara Richards
Scientific Director: Kathy Grant

Core-001 (C001) - Animal and Resource Core
Core Lead: Cheryl Reed Williams
Co-Investigator: Suzanne Mitchell

Core-002 (C002) - Genomics and Bioinformatics Core
Core Lead: Don Conrad
Co-Investigators: Suzanne Fei, Robert Searles, Lawrence Sherman

Dissemination Core-001 (CD001) - Information Dissemination Core
Core Lead: Suzanne Mitchell

Project-001 (P001) - Mouse Genetics: Risk and Individual Variation
Project Lead: Tamara Richards
Co-Investigators: Robert Hitzemann, Angela Ozburn

Project-002 (P002) - Astrocytes, Alcohol, and the Extracellular Matrix
Project Lead: Marina Guizzetti
Co-Investigator: Angela Ozburn

Project-003 (P003) - Translational Examination of Alcohol-Associated Epigenetic Signatures: From Primates to Rodents
Project Lead: Verginia Cuzon-Carlson

Project-004 (P004) - Brain Regional Extracellular Matrix Molecules, Corticostriatal Circuitry Function and Alcohol Drinking in Monkeys and Mice
Project Lead: Kathy Grant
Co-Investigator: Lawrence Sherman