Research Component and Core Structure


Admin Core-001 (AC001): Administrative Core
Center Director: Tamara Richards (aka Tamara Phillips)
Scientific Director: Robert Hitzemann

Core-002 (C002): Molecular, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Core
Core Leader: Shannon McWeeney (replace by Don Conrad in 2019)
Co-Investigators: Robert Hitzemann, Damien Fair, Christina Zheng (replaced by Suzanne Fei in 2019), Robert Searles

Core-004 (C004): Information and Dissemination Core
Core Leader: Mark Rutledge-Gorman  (Education & Outreach)
Co-Investigator: Chris Cunningham (Training)

Project-001 (P001): Neurocircuitry of Acute Alcohol Intoxication in Individuals at Familial Risk for Alcoholism
Project Leader: Bonnie Nagel
Co-Investigators: Suzanne Mitchell, Damien Fair

Project-002 (P002): Translational Measures of Risk for Chronic Binge Drinking in Monkeys
Project Leader: Kathy Grant
Co-Investigators: Chris Kroenke, Matthew Ford

Project-003 (P003): Effects of Chronic Ethanol Consumption on the Mouse Brain Transcriptome
Project Leader: Robert Hitzemann
Co-Investigators: Tamara Richards (aka Tamara Phillips), Ovidiu Iancu