Administrative Core - AC001

Tamara Richards, Center Director

Tamara Phillips, Center Director
Scientific Director: Kathy Grant

The Administrative Core performs the centralized administrative functions for all three research Projects (P001-P004), and coordinates the activities of the Animal & Resource Core (C001), Bioinformatics Core (C002) and the Information Dissemination Core (CD001).

Scientific oversight is provided by the Program Advisory Board (formerly the Scientific Advisory Board), and executive decisions regarding PARC activities are made by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee sets and continuously evaluates progress toward general scientific research directions, and supervises quality control mechanisms in all areas of Center activity.

The Executive Committee oversees genomics, bioinformatics and data sharing, biostatistical analyses, and training and educational enrichment and outreach activities. It coordinates discussions among core/project PIs to facilitate hypothesis and data sharing, and direction changes if needed, based on cumulative data.

Two lines of administrative responsibility are contained within the Administrative Core. The general administrative coordination of all Center activities and the Center's budget are supervised by Dr. Phillips, the Center Director, while coordination of and future planning for scientific directions are supervised by Dr. Grant, the Scientific Director, with input from Dr. Phillips and the rest of the Executive Committee.