Emily (Yueng-hsiang) Huang Lab

 Emily (Yueng-hsiang) Huang Ph.D.
Emily (Yueng-hsiang) Huang Ph.D.

About Dr. Huang

Dr. Emily (Yueng-hsiang) Huang received her Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology/Systems Science from Portland State University. During her more than 20 years as an occupational safety and health researcher and consultant, she has published over 80 peer-reviewed journal articles, 6 book chapters, more than 100 worldwide conference presentations/proceedings and has provided recommendations to numerous occupational safety and health practitioners. She is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and has held a position as Associate Editor for the journal of Accident Analysis and Prevention since 2009.

Research interests

Safety Climate is a leading indicator of safety outcomes. Workplace safety climate reflects what happens when the rubber (safety decisions or policies) meets the road (competing demands, such as production and delivery deadlines). We will bring a holistic view/systems approach to the study of what is next after conducting organizational climate surveys, and develop and validate various organizational climate and culture safety interventions.

Recent publications

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