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OccHealthSci undergraduate summer internships

About our program

The OccHealthSci Summer Internship program began in 1995.  Our program is designed to introduce undergraduate students to biomedical and occupational health research.  We provide unique research opportunities across various basic and applied research areas. Whether studying molecules, cells, organ systems, non-human organisms, or gathering data in the community, students will gain valuable experience conducting a specific project aligned with their host faculty member's research.

Over the summer, interns conduct a research project in their host faculty member’s laboratory. Our 3-month paid internship program begins in June and concludes in mid- to late-August with interns presenting their work at a poster session. We typically receive 100-145 applicants, and accept 11-15 interns each summer. 

The program is directed by Saurabh Thosar, PhD.


Applicants must be Oregon residents or attend Oregon institutions of higher education and be working toward their first baccalaureate degree.  Students at all undergraduate levels may apply.

How to apply

We are pleased to announce the launch of Occupational Health Sciences' Summer Student Research Awards for 2024. Thank you!

Interested in applying? Find out all you need to know in our instructions for applying to the program.

For questions, please contact Benny Hendricks at

2018 OccHealthSci interns.

Additional resources

View our research themes to learn about faculty research interests.  

Listen to our Summer Intern podcast episode to learn more about experiences from past interns.

Allied internships

In addition to our flagship summer research program, OccHealthSci faculty participate in several other OHSU summer internship programs for undergraduate and high school students.

  • Summer internship program of the Center for Diversity & Inclusion Equity
  • Cellular, Developmental & Cancer Biology summer internships
  • Ted R. Lilley CURE Program
  • Independent summer sponsorships
  • BUILD EXITO (not just summer)

Our faculty are open to participating in other internship programs.  External organizations who want to place interns in our labs should contact relevant faculty labs or the Director's office to discuss opportunities.

Learn more about our work

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