About Us

Oregon Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation is a project of the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences at Oregon Health & Science University.  OR-FACE  is supported by a cooperative agreement with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health through the Occupational Public Health Program of the Public Health Division of the Oregon Health Authority.

OR-FACE conducts surveillance, investigation, and assessment of traumatic occupational fatalities in Oregon, and produces safety materials to promote worker safety.  OR-FACE investigations of fatal occupational incidents assess risk factors that include the working environment, the worker, activity, tools, energy exchange and role of management.

Research aims

  • Identify traumatic occupational fatalities through a statewide surveillance network
  • Investigate selected traumatic occupational fatalities
  • Have a multidisciplinary team analyze the surveillance and investigation data
  • Develop and disseminate prevention strategies for these injuries
  • Collaborate with other states and NIOSH to develop prevention strategies to decrease the rate of occupational injuries and fatalities
David Hurtado, Sc.D

David Hurtado, Sc.D - MPI of the Oregon Occupational Public Health Program
Email: hurtadod@ohsu.edu

Ryan Olson, PhD

Ryan Olson, Ph.D. - Co-Investigator
Email: olsonry@ohsu.edu

Jackie Boyd

Jackie Boyd, MPH - Research Project Coordinator
Email: boydja@ohsu.edu

Rachel Madjlesi, MPH, CIH

Rachel Madjlesi, MPH, CIH - Fatality Investigator
Email: madjlesi@ohsu.edu

Gideon Potgieter

Gideon Potgieter - Student Worker
Email: potgiete@ohsu.edu

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