Researcher uses technology platform to analyze data

ORCATECH is a leader in securing academic funding for research, facilitating independent investigators and training new doctoral-level graduate students.

ORCATECH benefits from its setting within a thriving academic and medical center. Our researchers rely on having direct access to expert clinicians, patients and medical infrastructure. Being in this setting is crucial for understanding patients’ needs, symptoms and outcomes and then using these insights to improve our technology platform and the design of our clinical research studies.

Grant opportunities

Pilot and seed funding for research are key to bringing new investigators into the field. Additionally, funding helps established scientists expand the direction of their research. ORCATECH offers a pilot grant program for new investigators or more experienced investigators who have novel ideas that may advance research.

Letter of Intent Due: December
Application Due: February
Project Dates: June 2019 - May 2020
Maximum Direct Costs: $45,000
Number of Awards Given: 2

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Research projects

ORCATECH has many ongoing research projects, including collaborations with other academic institutions across the world and organizations involved in product design and development. Several of our research studies are led by graduate students and other new investigators. 

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