Ryan Steel, Ph.D.

Senior Alliance Manager

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Ryan works with OHSU investigators to establish and manage high quality partnerships, to enhance their research capabilities and impact. He brings a passion for partner engagement to OHSU not only for the potential health benefits to patients, but also for the enriching scientific environment created by these discoveries and collaborations.

Ryan earned his Ph.D. in Biomedical Science from the Victoria University of Wellington (Te Herenga Waka), New Zealand. He has since gained more than a decade of R&D experience in three countries, worked across both academia and industry, and has a strong scientific background in drug discovery/ drug development, neuroscience, and infectious disease research. Working in a variety of research collaborations has taught Ryan how to find alignment, work across diverse cultures, and maintain healthy partnerships to achieve project goals.

Growing up in New Zealand, Ryan is used to wet weather. He moved with his family to the beautiful Pacific Northwest because there’s not bad weather, only bad equipment. He loves to SCUBA dive, and can’t wait to take his daughter when she’s older.