New Job Application Website

OHSU is pleased to offer a better job search experience for those interested in working at OHSU. Beginning Oct. 1, 2019, you will apply to OHSU jobs through a new job application site, powered by iCIMS.


To apply through iCIMS:

To review existing iRecruitment applications:

Search for Jobs in iCIMS:

Transition timeline

Due to the volume of open jobs at any given time, there will be an overlap of both job sites during the transition to the new iCIMS site. 

Oct. 1 - Oct. 8:

  • You'll find most open jobs on our new and improved site, iCIMS, with an easy-to-follow application process.
  • A few jobs will likely remain open on the former site, iRecruitment, which you can apply to through Oct. 8. You can also check the status of any jobs you applied to prior to Oct. 1.
  • Remember to keep a personal digital copy of any application materials submitted through iRecruitment that you want to save. (See instructions below.)

Oct. 9 and beyond:

  • You'll find all open jobs that are accepting applications on our new and improved site.
  • If you applied to a job prior to Oct. 1, you can continue to view the status of your application through Nov. 12. 

What's changing?

Here are just a few ways we're making it easier to search and apply for jobs: 

A job portal tailored to you

If you’re an RN looking for a nursing job, you don’t want to wade through finance and IT jobs, or figure out the right search criteria to use, to hone your job search. RN candidates can go straight to a nursing portal that will filter only nursing jobs available. There will also be job portals for faculty, postdoctoral scholars and an internal portal for current OHSU employees only. The job portals allow customization to specific job seekers’ needs and interests.  

Streamlined application process

Filling out a job application can be tedious, especially when most of the information is already included on your resume. Applying through our new site will eliminate most of this duplication. When you upload your resume, the system will “parse” or auto-fill your information into the applicable fields of the job application, which you can then review and add or edit as needed.  

One application, multiple jobs

The first time you apply for a job, you’ll be prompted to upload a resume and/or complete an Employment Application. This creates your Candidate Profile, which is saved in the system and not tied to a specific job. This means if you later apply for other jobs, you won’t need to complete an application for each one. You can update your Candidate Profile at any time (if you need to add additional work history or new certifications, for example) and the jobs you apply to will be based on your most recent profile.  

Cleaner, intuitive interface

Overall, we hope to offer a more streamlined tool that makes the job searching and application process simpler and more efficient for you.

Save your profile information

Once OHSU fully transitions to the new site, you won't be able to recover your current profile information or documents from the previous job application website. If you wish to retain any of this information, please save it before the transition date of Oct. 1, 2019.


  • Login to iRecruitment
  • Click “My Application”
  • Record desired information from the tabs (Personal Information, Qualifications and Skills, References)
  • Under the Personal Information tab, scroll down to the Documents section, and save desired documents (right-click file name, and save to your computer)

Thank you for your patience as we work to provide a better experience to our valued candidates.


If you have questions about job postings and/or applying through iRecruitment, please see the iRecruitment help page or contact

If you have questions about job postings and/or applying through iCIMS, please see the iCIMS FAQ pages or contact

Thank you.