Sample Plating

Do you need assistance reliably plating many samples at fixed concentrations for downstream processing?  We can help using our epMotion Liquid Handling robot.

The Integrated Genomics Laboratory (IGL) plating and normalization service includes sample cherry-picking (if required), dilution of DNA to the investigator’s specified concentration, and robot-assisted plating of samples into a variety of plate formats. This service requires initiation through iLab, which includes filling out a sample submission form with sample names and known concentrations.

Sample quantification using platforms available through the IGL (Nanodrop One, SpectraMax i3x, and/or Qubit instruments) is available for an additional cost.

After plating is completed, plates can be shipped to external sites for an additional fee.

Contact Kristina Vartanian  and Britt Daughtry for more information.