Real-Time PCR

Real-Time PCR services and direct access to the QuantStudioTM 7 Flex real-time PCR instruments are available.

Before submitting samples to the core laboratory, please read the instructions or contact one of our staff to discuss requirements. The core team is available to consult on the specifics of sample preparation for your study.

QuantStudioTM 7 Flex instruments
Real-time thermocycler with heat-block modules for 96-well, 384-well, and low-density array plate types

GPSR maintains a QuantStudioTM 7 Flex instruments to support qPCR assays:

The QuantStudioTM 7 Flex real-time PCR instruments offer the flexibility to assay 96-well, 384-well and TaqMan Low Density Array (TLDA) cards. The instrument is suitable for both TaqMan-based assays and SYBR green assays. Applications for gene expression, genotyping, and methylation analysis are supported and provided as services.  In addition, trained users can run the instrument on their own time as part of the GPSR Shared Access program.

Flexibility of multiple plate formats:

  • Fast 96-well
  • Fast 384-well
  • Array cards
  • SYBR and TaqMan capable


The GPSR offers a variety of services for your TaqMan-based qPCR needs, including gene expression and genotyping assays. Complete workflow support is available for nucleic acid isolation, cDNA synthesis, and quantitative PCR analysis. In general, typical data turnaround time is one to two weeks.

If you prefer to ‘do it yourself’, the GPSR allows trained users to use the QuantstudioTM 7 Flex instruments to run TaqMan, SYBR green and Melt Curve analysis.

Helpful TaqMan links:

Why use TaqMan?

Common TaqMan myths busted

Applied BiosystemsTM provides a large selection of predesigned gene expression assays. You can choose from over 1.8 million predesigned assays to avoid the costs of assay design and optimization.
  • Assays for nearly every human, mouse, and rat gene in the RefSeq database
  • Available for over 30 species and pathogens
  • Assays for multiple locations per transcript and across nearly every exon junction in human genes
  • Strain-neutral assays for mouse and rat
  • Custom assay design services available
  • Special pricing on TaqMan reagents from Life Technologies for OHSU core users: QuantStudio promotion details

Shared access DIY

DIY accessible equipment: The QuantStudioTM 7 Flex instruments are offered as shared access. After training, users can schedule the instrument and perform their own experiments.  View the GPSR iLab site for information about training and instrument access. 

We welcome feedback on our services; please send Chris Harrington feedback on the data quality, reporting, and turnaround time.