NanoString nCounter

The NanoString SPRINT profiler platform is now available in the Gene Profiling Shared Resource.  Initially, access to the SPRINT is being offered for direct trained user operation only, as part of the core's Shared Access program.  NanoString training is available through the core.  Please contact Britt Daughtry for information. Options for full service support for total RNA gene expression are coming later in 2024.  See below for more information.

If you are interested in learning more about services and access to the Nanostring GeoMx Spatial Profiler located at OHSU, please contact Joanna Pucilowska, Director of Immune Monitoring and Cancer Omics Services, Knight Cancer Institute/Knight Diagnostic Labs.

NanoString nCounter SPRINT Profiler image
NanoString SPRINT for nCounter assays on RNA, miRNA, DNA, or protein targets

For an overview of this technology and core services available, please see the NanoString webinar recording from May 19th, 2021.

nCounter panels for multiplex samples of:

  • RNA
  • miRNA
  • DNA
  • Protein

The SPRINT platform is available for direct use by trained users.  Training is available through the core lab; request training on the iLab core ordering portal.  Services are currently in development for full service RNA assays provided by core staff on the NanoString platform.

Shared access DIY

DIY accessible equipment: The NanoString nCounter instrument is offered as shared access.  Trained users can schedule the instrument and perform their own experiments.  View the iLab site or contact Britt Daughtry for information about instrument access or training on use of the SPRINT system and setup of RNA assays.  

Are you wanting to learn more about the technology before reaching out to our Core? Need a refresher before booking your next run? Check out the extensive training documentation and video tutorials for the nCounter® SPRINT Profiler system. Create an account with to access all of their educational materials.

Resources for planning Nanostring Experiments

We welcome feedback on our services; please send Robert Searles feedback on the data quality, reporting, and turnaround time.