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The Gene Profiling Shared Resource (GPSR) is located in the Integrated Genomics Laboratory on the 5th floor of Richard Jones Hall, Marquam Hill Campus, Portland, OR.  If you are off campus and driving to OHSU you will need a short term parking pass.  See parking at OHSU for information on how to obtain a pass and where to park.

The GPSR Director's office is in room 5327 on the 5th floor of Richard Jones Hall.  The laboratory is in room 5390 on the 5th floor of Richard Jones Hall.  See directions to Marquam Hill and Richard Jones Hall for directions to Marquam Hill and a map of building locations on campus.  Richard Jones Hall is located to the left and slightly behind Mackenzie Hall when facing Mac Hall's main southern entrance.  Please follow the path to the left of the fountain in front of Mac Hall, go down two short flights of stairs, and walk past the large sculpture.  The entrance to Richard Jones Hall will be on the left.  Elevators will be directly ahead upon entrance.  Take the elevator to the 5th floor.  Turn left when exiting the elevator and turn right at the hallway.  The GPSR occupies the offices and labs at the end of that hallway.

Directions to Marquam Hill and Richard Jones Hall

Parking at OHSU

Gene Profiling Shared Resource (GPSR)
Oregon Health & Science University
3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Road, #L581
Portland, OR 97239-3098

Core Manager: Britt Daughtry, Ph.D.
Lab Phone: 503-418-9378

Primary contact: Chris Harrington, Ph.D., GPSR director
Ph: 503-418-2737

  • For pre-project consultation, grant development assistance, and letters of support please contact Dr. Chris Harrington, GPSR director,
  • For sample/assay related requirements and recommendations, please contact:
  • For project review, data and software access, and information, please contact Dr. Chris Harrington at