Cell Line Authentication

We offer a human cell line authentication (CLA) service that uses Promega's GenePrint® 10 system to confirm the identity of human cell lines through short tandem repeat (STR) analysis and to detect the presence of cell line contaminants. This service provides co-amplification and detection of 9 STR loci plus Amelogenin (the gender determining locus).  A minimum of 10 ng of gDNA is required for amplification and analysis.

We perform cell line authentication using a 48-capillary Applied Biosystems 3730xl DNA Analyzer.  Several levels of service are available to match your research needs. Please contact Alex Klug with questions or to provide feedback on CLA services.

Information about 9 STR loci plus Amelogenin used in GenePrint 10 kit

Standards for Cell Line Authentication and Beyond - Almeida et al. (2016)

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