Nutrition Resources

Resources for cancer patients and survivors

Resources from the Knight Cardiovascular Institute

  • Heart Protection Kitchen at OHSU offers healthy cooking demonstrations.  Take a look at some of the demonstrations Heart Protection Kitchen Cooking Classes (with videos and recipes) 
  • The Heart Protection Kitchen at OHSU put together a collection of 100 mouthwatering recipes to prevent and reverse heart disease. From healthy versions of well-known classics to more adventurous dishes to spice up your weeknight menu, this cookbook teaches readers to cook delicious and meals that are quick, affordable, healthy, and perfectly balanced to protect the heart.  You can purchase the cookbook here: Heart Protection Kitchen Cookbook: Easy Healthy Recipes for a Happy Heart 
  • Guide to help you make smart choices about the food you eat.   Use the My Healthy Heart Plate 

Childhood nutrition resources

  • Want to create healthier eating habits for a healthier life.  Check out Eating Well 
  • Take some simple steps to improve your child's life with the 5-2-1-0 Rule.  Learn more about The 5-2-1-0 Rule (version in Spanish
  • Making physical activity a part of your family's routine.  Check out the Let's Get Moving Brochure
  • Learn how to plan healthier meals for your family using USDA's My Plate 

Resources for tracking calories and plan meals, exercise

Where to find nutrition information and tracking apps:

  • The USDA offers a database of foods and their nutrient content.  Pick your favorite foods and explore the USDA FoodData Central
  • MyFitnessPal (for both iOS and Android)
  • Lose It! (for both iOS and Android)

Meal & Exercise Resources:

  • Learn how to plan healthier meals for you and your family using the USDA's  My Plate Planner 
  • Looking for recipes and resources to support building healthy and budget-friendly meals?  Check out My Plate Kitchen 
  • Get tips for moving and adding exercise to your daily routine with Move Your Way