How to make an appointment with a dietitian

  1. If you have never been seen at OHSU, call Registration at 503-494-8505 to be registered into our system. If you have been seen at OHSU before, skip to step 2.  
  2. Call your primary care physician and ask them for a referral to the Nutrition department. If they are not part of the OHSU system, they can fax this referral to: 503-418-0722 (adults) or 503-418-5317 (pediatrics).
    1. Adult Referral Forms
    2. Pediatric Referral Forms
  3. Once we receive the referral, a dietitian will contact you to schedule an appointment.  Insurance coverage will be verified after the appointment is scheduled.
  4. If your insurance company does not cover the nutrition visit, you can still see us but it will be a self pay visit. For current self-pay prices please call 503-494-8636.
  5. For patients under the age of 18 please contact the Pediatric Dietitians at 503-418-5257

Concerned about your nutrition?

Are you concerned about the nutrition of you or a loved one?  Do you or loved one have any of the problems listed, ask your provider about your nutritional health.  Your nutrition can help with healing, recovery and improve health outcomes.

  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Decreased intake at meals or skipping meals due to feeling full, not hungry
  • Do you have fluid accumulation?
  • Do you feel weak or tired?
  • Do you have an upcoming surgery?

If you or your loved one said yes to any of the above questions check out the Nutrition Evaluation Resources

    Nutrition evaluation resources:

    These resources can help you prepare for your visit with your health care provider:

    • Getting ready for surgery, chemotherapy or radiation? Use the My Nutrition Worksheet
    • This Mini Nutritional Assessment is a validated nutrition screening tool that is used to help identify individuals age 65 and older with malnutrition or who are at risk of malnutrition.  Check out the Mini Nutrition Assesstment
    • General checklist to help determine if you or your loved on is at nutritional risk can be helpful to determine if you should see a dietitian.  Review the checklist here

    Other resources

    Looking for additional information, resources or information prior to your visit with a Dietitian?  Find more information and resources here.