Companion Quilt

Hands on QuiltWhen E. Jay Greger was nearing death after sudden cardiac arrest, her family gathered lovingly around her to say their heartfelt good byes. A vibrantly colored hand-crafted quilt was placed gently on the bed as the family drew near. And, with this simple gesture, medical technology that could no longer sustain E. Jay’s life receded into the background, and E. Jay herself and the love and support of her devoted family came fully into focus. As her husband Len, her soulmate of 60 years, recalls:

“That is the last view I had of her; lying under the quilt. Here at home it provides a sense of her presence to me and my family. This quilt will forever be that presence, and it is helping me to come to a stage of peace.”

Each year the Quilt Program provides handmade quilts that are placed on the beds of terminally ill patients at University Hospital. The family may then take the quilt home as a loving keepsake after their loved one dies. Every quilt is a gift of love, and offers incalculable comfort to patients and their loved ones during this sacred time.

If you or a group you know would like to contribute a quilt (or quilts) to this program, click here for our companion quilt brochure, call the Center for Ethics in Health Care at 503.494.4466 or feel free to email us at .


Thank you to all of those who have contributed to the OHSU companion quilts program.