Oregon Bioethics and Humanities Colloquium


What does it mean to be human? Do we control our medical technology? Or does our technology control us? Is American health care just? If so, for whom? Join us at the Oregon Bioethics and Humanities Colloquium as explore these questions and many more. See series flyer here.

The Oregon Bioethics and Humanities Colloquium (OBHC) is an eight-part academic lecture series beginning in October 2021. The goal of the OBHC is to foster substantive inquiry, conversation, and education in biomedical ethics and medical humanism by bringing together scholars and students from diverse disciplines including medicine, philosophy, literature, sociology, religion, anthropology, health policy, and more. The OBHC aims to create an environment where critical examination of the human experience is the norm, and seeks to provide innovative perspectives on medicine and health— perspectives that will both challenge and edify all who attend.

Upcoming Presentation Spotlight

Stay tuned for information on the 2022-2023 lecture series.

2021-2022 OBHC Series Schedule

Please contact Dave Hoyt at hoytd@ohsu.edu with any questions.