Daniel Labby Seminar in Medical Ethics

"What happens to all that stuff you have in your head when you retire," wondered Daniel Labby, M.D. in 1989, the year of the Center's founding.  From this musing emerged one of the Center's longest-standing programs, the twice-annual Daniel Labby Seminar in Medical Ethics.

In the belief that retiring clinicians are a valuable, often untapped resource, Dr. Labby designed and moderated the seminars as a forum of emeritus and retired professionals to capture wisdom and guidance in key areas: patient care, teaching, and research.  

Drawing participants from across the disciplines – physicians, nurses, social workers, researchers and many others who might not otherwise talk and learn together - the seminars have created a dynamic cross-fertilization of ideas for a wide array of healthcare professionals.  The rich content of discussion has also informed new ethics education and health care policy here and across the country.

Dr. David Clarke serves as the seminar moderator, calling on the expertise of invited colleagues and audience members to explore current ethical dilemmas.  Dr. Clarke is a gifted physician and speaker and brings his own masterful moderation to each discussion.

Upcoming Seminar Spotlight - "God Will Decide": Parental Refusal of Organ Transplant in a Child

Please join us for the next Daniel Labby Seminar in Medical Ethics, "God Will Decide": Parental Refusal of Organ Transplant in a Child on Monday, October 24th  from 12:00-1:00PM in OHSU Auditorium Room 210. See the flyer for more details!

Seminar Details
Case for discussion: A newborn boy has severe narrowing of the duct between his liver and intestine. The liver begins slowly but irreversibly to fail. At age five months, liver transplant is recommended. Ten year survival with a pediatric transplant is 85% but the parents decline consent. They have concerns about providing follow-up care and solid organ transplantation is taboo in their culture. The mother states "God will decide."

Dr. Maureen Kelley, the Madeline Brill Nelson Chair in Ethics Education will present the case, and Dr. David Clarke will moderate the seminar.

Past Moderators for the Daniel Labby Seminar in Medical Ethics

Daniel Labby, M.D.
Victor Menashe, M.D.