Show 112

Saturday, November 26, 2011

8:06 a.m.

OHSU Health Apps

We learn why your smart phone just got a little bit smarter when it comes to managing your health. We’ll be talking OHSU health apps with Dr. Tom Yackel. Learn More


8:22 a.m.

Mysterious Cause of ADHD

OHSU researcher Dr. Joel Nigg will drop by to tell us why the mysterious cause of ADHD may be in our environment. Learn More


8:35 a.m.

Parenting Kids With ADHD

We’ll hear from two of the university’s best experts on parenting kids with ADHD: Aaron Tabacco and Kurt Freeman. Even if your child is not struggling, some of their ideas might help you in raising a healthier, happier child. Learn More


8:51 a.m.

Healthy Eating for Kids

It all starts with eating. Hear from OHSU Doernbecher expert Dr. Natasha Polensek how to make sure your kids are eating right. Learn More