Water Birth at OHSU

OHSU nurse-midwives have offered in-hospital waterbirth since 1997

Waterbirth is the use of a heated water bath or pool by a laboring woman during labor and birth. Many women in labor find that being in water helps them relax and helps relieve pain. Some women prefer to stay in water at the time of birth and deliver their baby in the tub or pool. Others stay in water only part of the time during labor and choose to birth their babies out of the tub.

An important option for women who approach labor naturally

  • We have 15 years of waterbirth experience, more than any area hospital
  • We are family friendly and encourage your partner's involvement
  • Our cordless fetal monitors work under water and can be used in the waterbirth tubs, jetted tubs and showers (if needed)

At OHSU Hospital in Portland, Oregon

Dedicated tubs for underwater birth

If you have decided on a waterbirth with a midwife, a free-standing tub will be prepared for you in your birthing suite. Women who choose waterbirth may give birth (not just labor) in this tub.

Jetted tubs and showers during labor

Even if you don’t choose waterbirth, each labor and delivery suite is equipped with a jetted tub and shower.  Many women find these comforts help them tolerate the pain of labor.

Details and requirements

Waterbirth 101: What you need to know

Watch this video to learn about water immersion with the OHSU midwives. If you plan to labor in the tub, whether or not you plan to give birth there, this information is for you.
If the embedded video won't work, try this direct link

Watch this video to learn about waterbirth with the OHSU midwives. This information is for those planning to give birth in the tub. If the embedded video won't work, try this direct link

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