For Research and Academics Visitors and Volunteers

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OHSU Visitors and Volunteers serves all mission areas by providing a variety of services that address organizational needs by supporting volunteer, learning, and collaboration opportunities. These learning opportunities focus on teaching future healthcare providers, scientists, and educators in partnership with various programs within OHSU.  Each visitor or volunteer is tasked with securing their own opportunity and will work side by side with their hosting department to develop their assignment. Each opportunity creates a space for learning and growth for the individual, and assists in driving forward OHSU’s Missions. 

Please find more information about the Research & Academics process below.  

As of 12/2020, we are planning to offer a variety of summer internship programs at OHSU for Summer, 2021.  Most programs are planning for in-person experiences, however, depending on COVID-19, virtual experiences may be offered instead.  Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this ever-changing, very challenging situation.

How do I become a research and academics volunteer?