For Research and Academics Visitors and Volunteers

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OHSU Visitors & Volunteers (OVV) serves in partnership, along with the hosting site and other OHSU departments, to ensure the safety and compliance of all of these individuals. Each visitor or volunteer is tasked with securing their own opportunity and will work side by side with their hosting site to develop their assignment. Each opportunity creates a space for learning and growth for the individual, and assists in driving forward our OHSU Missions.

Please find more information about the Research & Academics process below. 

Onboarding Process time: 6-8 Weeks

  1. Fill out the Registration Form
  2. Have your hosting site submit the Volunteer Information Form (VIF) to OVV (along with Guidelines for Hosting Minors in the Lab as applicable)
    1. Once Step 1 & 2 have been completed, OVV will accept the VIF and Initiate the Background check
  3. Fill out Background Check Authorization Form
    1. OVV will process and approve the VIF
    2. The background check finish processing
  4. OVV will send a Step 2 packet to you
  1. You will receive a Step 2 packet email, which includes instructions for the following
    1.  Instructions for medical clearance, if applicable
    2.  Instructions to complete online Compass trainings
    3.  Required forms to sign and send to OVV
  2. You will send an email confirmation to OVV once these items are completed
  1. You will receive an activation email, which includes instructions to:
    1. The assignment end date
    2. How to obtain the ID Badge
    3. Instructions on how to log hours
    4. Ongoing responsibilities