For Current Research & Academic Volunteers

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  • All volunteers and interns are expected to log their hours. Visiting Scholars and Visiting Practitioners do not have to log hours, but if you plan to apply to school or will need these service hours, we recommend you log them. Please request proof of your time at OHSU upon departure as accounts will be archived after a few years.
  • Please log your hours at least once a week by logging in to Volgistics VicNet system
    • For step-by-step instructions on how to log your hours, see video here. Note this video is sponsored by Volgistics, and has more options in the demo than what may be available to you.
  •  If you will be inactive for more than 30 days please notify OVV at:
  • Forget your login and/or password?
    • Your Volgistics login is the e-mail address you used when you filled out your online registration form - not your OHSU email.
    • Your initial password is the last seven digits of your phone number (no area code and no dash)
  • Still having trouble logging in? E-mail for a password reset.
  • Made a mistake when logging your hours? Please log the correct entry, email, and we will delete the incorrect one.

Parking Your Personal Vehicle

  • Registered active visitors/volunteers may park in lot 40, lot 60, Garage C, Garage D or Garage F at an hourly or daily rate of pay.
    • To purchase parking for the entire dayRegistered active visitors/volunteer others can reserve daily parking here for today or the next business day. Pay station zones are recommended if you need to park right now or just for a few hours. See locations for online permits and pay stations below. 

      • Instructions on how to purchase daily online parking

      • FAQ about Parkmobile
    • To purchase hourly parking : Visitors/volunteers may utilize nearby pay stations in designated pay station lots (lot 40, lot 60, Garage C, Garage D or Garage F etc.)
  • Visitors/volunteers are never to park in patient and visitor parking, unless they are here within that capacity. In the event they are a visitor or patient they are to call the Parking Office, 503-494-8283 to be added to the "Do Not Ticket" list for the day.
  • Evenings (after 5pm) and weekends are still free, but visitors/volunteers still must park in lot 40, lot 60, Garage C, Garage D or Garage F.

TriMet or C-TRAN Transit Passes

  • Annual passes available - September through August of each year (2019-2020: $100).
  • TriMet passes are good on all buses and light rail across the entire city.
  • C-TRAN passes work on all TriMet transit options except LIFT (Marquam Hill is served by the 190 C-TRAN express bus during peak commute times).


  • Visitors/volunteers can earn cash incentives by logging bike trips when commuting to OHSU.
  • More information can be found at


Frequently Asked Questions

  • As an activated OHSU Visitor/Volunteer with the OVV, you may be eligible for accident medical expense benefits. Please see the "Volunteer Accident Form" on your  Vicnet homepage, on the bottom right. If you have not been activated by our office, you are not currently covered by OHSU Liability Insurance.

  • Only OVV staff can edit hours that you have submitted in Volgistics. Please log your correct hours, and then email us at, to indicate which hours should be deleted.

  • Your Hosting Department for your new assignment will need to complete an additional OVV Registration Form and send to We will process this additional form, notify you if any additional compliances are needed (such as new Compass trainings, or medical clearance). Once these compliance steps have been met, OVV will add the second assignment to your Volgistics account, activate the assignment, and send a badge extension form to match your new assignment end date. You and your supervisor will be notified by email when you are cleared to begin.
  • Please note that hour restrictions may apply to additional assignments. For more information, please reach out to us at

  • OVV will add the second assignment to your Volgistics account once it has been reviewed and approved, then you will have a new assignment to log hours under.

  • Though you may already have an OHSU ID Badge, any additional assignments must be approved through OHSU Visitors & Volunteers. To add additional assignments, please view “What do I do if I want to start another volunteer assignment?” above.

  • Parking is not provided for applicants onboarded in Research & Academics. Research & Academics visitors/volunteers registered our office can purchase daily parking permits at the guest rates. These visitors/volunteers also qualify for the Tri-Met/C-Tranbus pass at an annual subsidized rate, and can ride the tram and Portland Streetcar for free. Additionally, they are eligible to participate in the Bicycling Program.
  • Transportation options - read more