Transgender Health Program members at the Richmond Clinic

The OHSU Transgender Health Program (THP) is dedicated to supporting access to high quality, affirming and welcoming health care for trans women, trans men, gender nonconforming and non-binary individuals. Our program recognizes the unique health care needs of people with diverse gender expressions and identities. The THP provides direct medical care as well as consultation, education, advocacy, support and policy development to promote competent care for transgender people.

Medical services

Gender transition-related medical services

Non-medical services

  • Information and referral
  • Education and preparation for transition-related care
  • Accompaniment and support for medical visits
  • Education and training for the OHSU community and beyond
  • Clinical consultation for OHSU and other healthcare providers
  • Advocacy within OHSU and the greater community for transgender patients in all aspects of their care

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Services for OHSU employees and students

  • Coaching and support for transgender employees, their colleagues and supervisors who are navigating gender transition in the workplace
  • Policy review and development to support a transgender-inclusive environment

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